Finger Licking Good

William has started eating solid food. Here he is in the high chair that Laura, our neighbour, so very kindly gave Kat and George, trying out carrot and banana. We're not sure how  much gets eaten but he's enjoying the experience.

Len and I popped in to see William and his Mum after Len's appointment at Glenfield.

The sun was out but the wind was bitter. There may be some sleet and snow tonight, although the sky was clear earlier giving us a chance to view the second supermoon of the month. See extra. I had been tempted to get my super duper lens out and fit it on to the big tripod, then wait in the garden, but I felt too tired. I ended up taking my fuji 100-400 mm lens to Loughborough, shooting hand held from Morrisons car park. The big lens would have given me much better resolution.

I bought some more clothes for William at Morrisons. Has Loughborough been overwhelmed by babies born between June and September last year? There was hardly anything for 6-9 months old.

Colin kindly Basil sat this morning while we were away.

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