Hagley Road

Birmingham. It was the last day of Len's medical trial although we have to return mid-February to discuss next steps. I don't think we'll get feedback on results because it was supposed to be a 'blind' trial.

This is the view from the office window. Could there be much more contrast between  the dirty, rubbish strewn yard over the road and the pristine austerity of the office? A lot of medical practices and clinics in this area. The building also hosts Wex Photographic and Guitar Guitar.

The day started with bright blue sky and a frosty dawn. I tried to capture it with an intentional blur showing the sky above snow covered Iveshead (see extra). You'll have to tell me if you like it.

Basil went to Laura's and enjoyed his run with her dog Bailey at the Morley Lane quarry. He had to wear two coats because it was so cold.

As we drove to Birmingham, the landscape was magical with hoar frost. And of course, today, I didn't have the opportunity to go out and photograph it. Cloud was moving in as we reached Birmingham. A rather grim landscape as we drove back.

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