Tuk up

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.”

There’s a good inch of snow on the car this morning. I scrape it off in the dark, crank the heater up to 11, and head for Carluke. Stuck behind a gritter, it’s a slow journey.

The train is warm and we’re at Central before I’m finished with my Email. I sit in a café - black coffee, bacon and black pudding roll. Then the BT building for a day of coaching. It doesn’t go very well - there are so many other issues to sort before even getting to the stuff that I’m there to help with.

At least I get to meet up with Megan before heading home. We go to Tuk Tuk and eat a very modest meal. She’s on good form, despite lots of work, and has lots of plans for the summer already.

There’s still snow at home. I light the fire, try to sort out my work pension FWIW, drink a hot choc, and watch Shooting Fish.

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