Snow day

Much to my surprise, I haven't previously had a blip titled 'snow day' before. Well today certainly was. It's been relentless all day.

I worked at home in the morning, and then headed into the city. I was hoping to get the tram, but there was no sign of one, so off I stomped, regretting having not put my long johns on under my trousers. Anyway, I survived. I popped into work to sort out a couple of things, and then met up with KR for the planned visit to Allas Sea Pool (see extra). We weren't strictly in the "sea pool" - that's over on the right, is filled with Baltic water, and is effectively like ice dipping. I did see a few people heading over there.

It was quite bizarre swimming in the heated outdoor pool. It's considerably warmer in the water, so keeping as little of you poking out as possible is the name of the game. Consequently my post-op preference for front crawl over breast stroke meant I got cold shoulders. You also feel the cold spray from the steam all of the time (not to mention the tiny particles of snow coming down). Afterwards we went in the sauna - it just fitted with the experience, although in principle I'm not too keen on saunas, and I stopped for a coffee in the cafe, before wandering back to the tram stop near Senate Square via a tourist route to see what Senate Square and the Cathedral look like on a snow day. The number 2 tram arrived just as I reached the tram stop, so that was a win all round.

Back here to carry on typing, although I'm drooping early as I slept incredibly badly last night, plus I'm all relaxed from the swimming and the sauna. But I shouldn't give in too early or otherwise I'll be awake again in the night.

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