Missy Moo

Her real name is Mehitabel but I call her Missy Moo, among other things. Mitty Kitty Oh So Pretty being one. And Mooey. She is Duma's sister and she is a torby, half tortoiseshell and half tabby. Like her brother, she is very affectionate and sweet. She shares my staff duties with her brother.

Today I went to see my therapist and that was good. We've stretched out our appointments as my stress has eased away but still manage to get together about once a month. We had a lot of catching up to do and it was good.

After the appointment I went by Statement Apparel and picked up the raincoat I left it there when I shopped the other day. And then I went to Trader Joe's to fill the time remaining before the Alzheimer's support group. Today I joined the new caregivers' group so I could share some information about the Dementia Health Directive that is available online. There was an article in the paper about it this morning so I brought that with me and shared it during the meeting. I was glad I did that because I do think I was able to help some of the new folks today.

When I got home I found myself dozing at the computer so I took a nap. I was really tired. When I woke I was refreshed and it was dinner time. Tomorrow I go to the symphony in Seattle. I'll be sitting next to my friend Shelly on the bus. That will be nice. Have a great day everybody.

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