By pensionspoet

Brother Beyond

At lunchtime today, after a very busy morning, I took a walk up to Lower Goat Lane to a charity shop that I knew sold a lot of vinyl records. There was nothing at all of interest to me, but I had to snap this. Nathan Moore who heads up the band Brother Beyond (I can't say they were big in the 80s, just in the 80s) Well, Nathan was in Jon's class at school (Sheredes). I think we saw his early band play in assembly now and again. I know he is still around. If anyone wants this album it's still there - for just £1 It can be yours.

I went from there to St Gregory's antique centre. There I found something thst was more what I was after. Queuing to pay at 1.55 left me dangerously close to a rap on the knuckles for being back late. That is frowned upon. (Spending hours chat to g or on your phone doesn't seem to be an issue though.....I do neither, I hasten to add)

Homeward bound now. Going via Cromer with shopping bags in hand. Trying Lidl again - that will be 2 weeks running! Henry is out in Norwich with friends for Fred's birthday. Jon is in Felbrigg woods with the scouts. I think I'm going to snuggle down with Ralph and eat chocolate while i finish the wine we started last Sunday, and perhaps try and have a facetime/WhatsApp chat with my two eldest.

Hope you have a good weekend everyone x

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