Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Bands of gold

After my encounter with a timelord, and visions of fairy castles, it's back to more usual fare tonight. The sun is setting around 6 pm now, there is barely time to get home from work and see the sunset before it's gone. And then there's the getting up in the dark, that never feels quite right.

As for the fairy castle, there have been at least two London bound travellers looking out for it. One of them, wildinlailand, had his camera primed today hoping to get a blip, let's hope he was successful. Or did I just imagine it after all?

Back at the ranch, it is some time since I complained of computer problems. For all the good intentions, we still haven't replaced the old PC, and until today, it has been well behaved. But tonight it has taken me over an hour to get to the stage of hurriedly typing this.

On a more positive note, the River Kent otter quest is on again. There have been regular sightings of otters in Kendal recently, so I shall be optimistically patrolling most lunch hours if I can escape the office.

ps I forgot to mention, this was my 700th blip. I had been wondering whether I would ever make it to the 730 milestone, but now it's in sight.

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