Not my cat - Simon's!

I've been over to my parents today. Not as busy as last time I was there. Probably more stressful as my Mum was in such a bad mood!

I took a couple of shots, mainly of their fruitbowl, but they came out shadowy and weird, so...Simon's Cat to the rescue!

This game I play on my phone sometimes is quite addictive, and very enjoyable. It only gives you 5 lives so if you don't beat your levels you have to wait to play again. I like that it is challenging, and you have to work out how to win. It is not a speed game or I would not be able to play. That's why I don't play Playstation games - I just don't have the fine motor control for it!

I started playing this game as opposed to similar ones because it is cats of course! The one who likes to eat Goldfish is like a big fluffy Minstrel! The game fills the odd five minutes here and there and acts as a distraction from annoyances, e.g. on my break at work or whist waiting for the train home from Metheringham!

I'm going to try to catch up on Emails and TV now. My Requiem didn't record, so I'm going to look for that too. No distractions when I'm watching that of course!

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