Everyday Life

By Julez


Had  bit of a lie-in today, meaning that I wasn't particularly hungover after my night out last night. 

We were going over to Jeri's today, and I made the lasagne I should have made if we'd gone over  last week. I miscalculated on amounts and tried to improvise extra ingredients for the second lasagne I was making for Zeph and Jae, who weren't coming with us. It went horribly wrong and I ended up binning it and making them mac and cheese instead. 

There was another change of plan when Jeri contacted me to say that we would be joined by her partner Paul's two children as well. The lasagne I made was to be for the kids, and she'd cook us a nice grown-up Thai beef curry! 

The curry was so delicious that I got the recipe from  her, and will make it for Zeph and I this week.

When we arrived over there all the kids were out playing on the green in front of the house. I took a few shots, including this one of Paul's daughter Jess and Grandsons Theo and Malachi.

All afternoon my feet have been like ice! It took an hour with a hot water bottle once we were home to warm them up again! 

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