Dull days

I've worked out the cycle now. It gets cold. It gets a bit warmer. It snows. At the end of the snow cycle, it gets even warmer and a thaw starts. Overnight it then freezes viciously and carries on getting colder as the day goes on. Result. A perfect skating rink, and not confined to the places where the Finns set up small ad hoc rinks (as in the car park in front of us), but absolutely everywhere, especially on pavements, at junctions where you are trying to navigate across the road, and on traffic islands. The difference with the UK is that in no way could you ever be lulled into a false sense of security, so the likelihood of a surprise fall is much lower. But none the less, I do feel my style is a bit cramped when walking around.

After a morning at the desk, I ventured out mainly to use the cross trainer at the gym, and then to get in a few more steps before returning via the supermarket. I then watched 95% of two highly unsatisfactory games of rugby, but I gave up on the Irish match when they conceded a penalty near their own line and went to the loo. By the time I came back, Jonny Sexton had won the match with a monster drop goal. I managed to miss the one bit of real quality in a drab match. Hey ho.

Reading a few more pages and making some notes before beating a path to bed. Back to the gym tomorrow again. The results on the scales were not too good. The combined effects of six weeks of eating and drinking too much, I think.

The blip was taken very close to where this one was taken ten days or so ago. That was when I was just starting to work out the pattern.

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