By ArcLight


I admitted in the comments in response to a question from Hell4Murph yesterday that I was finding the greyness a bit hard to deal with. Imagine my pleasure when I got up this morning - late enough that it was almost light (and that's still quite late...) - to this sight out of the kitchen window towards the south. It resolved itself into a bright but bitterly cold day, with the pavements continuing to be extremely hazardous for walkers.

After a productive morning's writing, I went to the gym again, and then walked down to Alfons in Eira for excellent spelt pizza with KK and T. Back by tram, having done sufficient exercise by then on whatever measure you were using, and watched the England v Italy match. Contemplating an early night. Am gradually catching up on some lost sleep over the last couple of weeks.

I've added a few more photos from today to my new year flickr album for Helsinki.

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