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A peaceful and productive day at the (home) desk today. I'm making real progress with this short paper. I hope to get it finished by Wednesday.

However, I had a plan not to waste all of the 'light' opportunities provided by a second successive sunny day. In the middle of the afternoon, I went out for a walk on Seurasaari, an island connected to mainland by a bridge, not far north of our favourite cafe Regatta. A bus goes directly from our local supermarket to the bridge, and while I would happily walk one, if not both directions, in summer or when not time poor, it made sense to get the bus today. It's truly lovely and I will definitely be going back there with Mr A, when he's back in town, whether still in winter conditions or perhaps later in the year. I've added a couple of extras that give a sense of being on an island but surrounded by ice. The first extra shows, for those who look carefully, the grandstand originally built for the Olympic rowing regatta (but not actually used as such) which is right by Cafe Regatta. If there had been others walking across the ice, I might have followed them and tried to walk back to the mainland that way, but there was no one heading right out there, just a few people at the edges, and one set of people clearly doing some ice fishing.

So back to the bridge around the other side of the island, taking in the sunset as I went (second extra). By the time I got back to the bus stop, I was quite warm in some areas (e.g. my body from walking) but equally extremely cold in other areas (e.g. my face from the sneaky wind). It was around "feels like -15" out there today, and obviously the path was treacherous with ice, but I managed to avoid any mishaps.

Back to the supermarket by bus to pick up something for dinner. Later on Mr A phoned to show me progress on the kitchen, and we had a good 'confer' about areas which he needs to look out for over the next few days.

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