1 day 12 pics - Feb 2018

This is an exercise given by Emma Davies - to take 12 pictures during the first Saturday of the month!  I wanted to see if I could do some minimalist photography and use mainly mono.

Woke up to light above the curtains.   Went down clinging to  the banisters!  Spotted a red chair!  took some Ibuprofen with my breakfast.  saw what a grey day it was!  The postman waiting for the post!  We decided I needed to walk so off to the Trafford centre.  Rain on the windscreen, the top of a pillar, cars in the opposite direction, a rose-hip seen in the garden - still wet - , St Ives lit up with the new little torch I bought in Lidl, and lastly part of a huge metal thingy that I found in the garden after the roof next door was repaired!

These shots can be seen on Flickr! 

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