By Majoayee

Clearing the snow!

Ro is having a hot drink as he ponders just how useful clearing more snow ice is going to be!  Still some white stuff left and it's so cold that there's no slush!  On the other hand I tried to make some frozen bubbles but that did not work at all!

We went for a walk but while parts are completely clear other parts are very icy.  The local lodge is completely iced over and has a big sign up to the effect that falling in won't kill you but the temperature of the water will  - fast!  A few bits have been thrown onto the surface but have not broken the ice.  The ducks that used to come to get bread have gone!  The enormous fish are presumably safe under the surface!

I've applied the Sabattier effect to this.  I'm not sure why but the whole thing fascinates me!

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