Annie and Chris

By AnnieAndChris

Dropping In

Sunshine first thing turned quickly to a real mixed bag of weather. I (Chris) had a real “will I, won't I” decision as to whether to get outside as my intended plan to fly the drone didn't look wise. With both of us needing to get work/admin out of the way I stayed in. Eventually, around 3pm I took the gamble as available light wasn't looking like it would last.

Unfortunately it was considerably more windy than I'd thought, so less than ideal conditions for stills from the drone but this was the best of a blurry bunch with the help of a bit of post processing to make you feel a bit like you're falling out of the sky!

I like this location (found whilst scouring google maps of the local area) so I'll make a return when the weather looks better. If you want a sense of scale, this was from 115m altitude. I went higher but the shots were even less crisp due to the wind. I should have turned up the ISO a bit and switched on "tripod" mode but I'm still finding my way with the controls and keeping airborne and safe are the priority.

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