By Leiflife

Free Play

In my free time, when my little canine baby sleeps, I have to choose how to use my time. Sometimes it hurts to have to choose; do I lie down and try to rest while he rests to relieve my tiredness, or do I do something creative to relieve those frustrations that come from postponing personal expression? 

Of course there are also things like laundry or various house things that languish these days. For sanity, I usually choose a brief rest and some sort of creative free play. The photo above is from one of these playful excursions. 

Summer recently brought me the video from the Fall Dance Festival in which I performed: Revealing My Process. I had the idea of playing the video and photographing myself on the computer screen. Just for fun...
Not trying for any sort of perfect image. Just a little experiment... Free Play... It was fun. There were two of me. The me that was lost in the dancing and performing, and the me wearing glasses and taking photos of my dancer self. I found the result rather interesting, and possibly worth sharing. In some of them, you may be able to see both selves. In the main image, for sure, and you will see some photos and drawings on the wall behind the photographer, Leif. On the stage with the dancer is the easel on which I drew intermittently as I danced. 

Holding the camera, and pressing the shutter without much thought or care, I think I may have been receiving from myself. The storyteller/dancer on the screen was telling me, showing me something about myself that I mustn't forget. While I played, I was absorbing truth. And truth is worth remembering... Yes!

I will post quite a few extras for those interested. Perhaps as many as I have time for before baby wakes...  

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