By MerrilHope

They think it's all over.

A long day, but enjoyable.  An early start supervising students' checking out of the hotel by 8.30.  A whole day of committee debate until 16.00 gave me the opportunity to have a last and leisurely breakfast at the hotel before checking out myself and then doing the usual rounds of the World Forum, watching the delegates. The closing ceremony at 16.00 was the annual medley of superficial speeches, with only the Secretary General's being words seriously worthy of note - but it was as always, a glamorous affair and a sensory treat of both colour and sound (extra).  And so my sixth, but the organisation's fiftieth, Model United Nations conference at the Hague, Netherlands, was done.  We however, were not. Not yet.

At 18.00 we made our way by coach to Amsterdam and checked in to the NH museum quarter hotel (same as previous years) before going to find dinner. The kids went for Italian.  We went for Irish where I got a bit arty farty with Amsterdam reflections both inside and out (today's pic). 

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