Life in a Northern Town

By kagsy

Mono Monday - "Rhymes With February"

Thanks to KangaZu for hosting today's Mono Monday, which caused me to snort coffee everywhere when I found this list of suggested rhymes for February. I really, really hope someone takes on the challenge of "dysentery". 

I decided to combine the challenge with this week's Experimental Photography challenge from Markus_Hediger, which is collage. 

I wonder if you can work out which of the absolutely rubbish rhymes these are. The bottom one involved a drive out through the very pretty, gently falling snowflakes, to photograph a very ugly part of Huddersfield, whilst questioning my sanity. 

EDIT: ANSWERS - spaghetti (yes, I know, in which language does spaghetti "nearly rhyme" with February?), nondairy, dromedary (well done Kiteseeker) and genitourinary (GU medicine)- well done to Technophobe who knew it but didn't give it away....... You can be relieved that the genitourinary photo was not more specific. 

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