It’s Monday so it’s A Year With My Camera time again - Gill came round and we recapped on histograms.  I had to confess that I have had a lot on my mind about what we should and shouldn’t take on our upcoming holiday, so hadn’t done much of the homework.  Thank goodness we don’t get marked on what we have done or not done!

Mr. HCB meanwhile was out pottering in the garden and greenhouse, leaving us inside a sunny conservatory drinking coffee and going through the book.

At one point he knocked the window and showed us the ice sculpture that Mother Nature had formed and that he had found on top of the bird bath - so I thought it would make an ideal subject for the Mono Monday challenge - it doesn’t actually rhyme with February - as it should as that’s the theme of the challenge, but it’s:

Hopefully, it will be a tad warmer where we are going!

“While it is February 
one can taste the full joys 
of anticipation. 
Spring stands at the gate 
with her finger on the latch.”    
Patience Strong

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