By Bom

Mono Monday - Rhyming with February

Be WARY  of whether there is anything that rhymes with FEBRUARY!

That's the closest rhyme I could find, so I thought I'd go surreal - thanks to KangaZu for hosting.

Having put one coat of copper coloured paint on the newly sealed chimney breast, I decided that the wall wasn't smooth enough to be an acceptable finish for metalic paint. So this morning I attempted putting up copper coloured wallpaper instead. It's nearly 20 years since I wallpapered and this is the paste the wall version which is very thick and heavy. Well, I'm not sure it's going to stay up and whether I should have used extra strong paste!!!!

Be a Pretty Housewife (1957)

Tip No.17  When you really feel dead-beat, lie flat on the floor with a cushion under your thighs and your feet propped up on the rung of a strong chair and stay like this for five or ten minutes. Theory is, because it increases the blood supply to neck and head, this way of resting and relaxing relieves tension and tiredness. It does too. Try it and see.

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