.... rhymes with February.
This of course is the footprint of the legendary Fionn  mac Cumhaill, or Finn McCool. He loved nothing better than gathering up massive rocks and chucking them into the sea. He was doing just that when he stood on this rock, his foot on another rock lower down the mountain (the print of which exists but I haven't found it yet) and flung a mighty rock into the sea where it now remains as an island. The extra shows a close up - an impressive size.

Many stories are told about the exploits of Finn, a great warrior chieftain. perhaps the most famous are the Salmon of Knowledge and his fight with the Scottish giant that ended in the Giants' Causeway. He even had time to mooch around the Sheep's Head and our biggest mountain is called after him - Seefin, Seat of Finn where a bit more rock throwing went on.

Another nice day, no sunshine but it was calm and dry and more useful things achieved in the garden. There's also a new blog

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