Cemetery.... Rhymes with February

The Mono Monday Challenge for today is...rhymes with February.  I was pondering on this one as I was driving over to Tring to meet friends for coffee.  Trying to think of something that rhymed and was practical to photograph, I drove past the cemetery - ah-ha... rhymes with you-know-what.  After coffee and finalising the poster for the next concert of Chiltern Chamber Choir, I was heading back to have coffee and lunch with another friend (it's tough being retired) but took 5 minutes to nip into the cemetery for a few 'snaps'.  

I am always aware that these quiet places are not full of dead people but people that have lived - with real stories and relationships.  This particular grave marks a tale of sadness and tragedy - a child dying at the age of four, a child that had laughed and cried and played and had fun.  I do not know the reason behind the death but, whatever it was, there will be sorrow and heartache.  The family may well still live in Tring, the parents may still be alive and there may be other siblings; I will probably never know.  One benefit of burial over cremation is that the life is visible for all to see and for people like me to wonder at what stories could be told and what might have been without this twist of fate.

To lighten the mood, I was late back for taking the dog out for a walk and thought I would go into the fields - very muddy in the gateways where the cows have been paddling around over the Autumn - I all but lost my wellieboot on several occasions abut manage to keep them both on my feet and stay upright.  I fell at the last hurdle!  Whilst picking my way to the last stile I got stuck in the mud, lost my balance and ended up sitting down!  My clothes are now in the washing machine.

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