By chantler63

Candlemas Service

We have a good friend - musician, conductor and enthusiastic player - who organises various events to support the local church. In fact, it is through a choir where Richard used to be the Musical Director, that John and I met - John was a bass when I wandered in to join the alto line. Richard has a great many loyal singing supporters who rally round when there's something going on. He has been running these concert services for a few years - possibly not the most religious of occasions (choirs are generally only the for the music) but very sociable and singers from all over the place.
A couple of the pieces chosen by Richard as anthems for tonight were rather challenging. Anyone done the Mag and Nunc by Kelly? Or a piece by Harris, Strengthen ye the weak (not sure about that title)? It would have been easier if I'd managed one of the rehearsals last week and not sight reading today but it was all good fun and I doubt most of the congregation would have known when something was iffy. The Kelly piece would have been iffy even if every note had been perfect, but the Harris had more potential.

We'll be seeing Richard again next Friday for the annual Sight Singing weekend. Lots of fun and laughter as well as serious sight singing practice. Note to self: I must concentrate on pitching intervals more accurately.

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