By chantler63

A Serious Move

A backblip as yesterday was rather full!

Our last day in this part of the world but, as out flight was not leaving until 11.15 pm, we were able to have a full day in Singapore.  We decided to take a look at Chinatown as the Chinese new year is so close - decorations equivalent to Christmas were on sale and some at good discounts.  We came upon a group of men playing games that looked rather like draughts and was all very serious - they were not bothered about the camera though. On the market I found a few nick-nacks to bring home for the children.
WE continued towards the port but decided not to go over to Sentosa as it was so busy and took a train out to the War Cemetery Memorial - beautifully kept and very moving with row upon row of graves all of young men from this part of the world.  Such a waste of life.

Then it was time to return to the hotel who let us use a room to shower and change ahead of our flight.  We had allowed plenty of time to get to the airport following the awful traffic of our arrival on Friday but, in fact, it was very quick so we had loads of time at the airport.  We checked in our luggage and passed the time  looking at he shops and chatting to a couple en route to Melbourne to pick up a cruise ship bound for New Zealand.

Eventually it was time for our flight.  Boarding was quick and take off on time - a long 14 hour flight ahead.

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