Life After MollyCollie

By LadyA

£25 win on the premium bonds means 'big long walk'

For those of you who don't follow our Blips regularly........................... I am a Cornish collie who is living in Edinburgh for a few months over the winter. My owner, Ann, is having all our Cornish post re-directed and guess what arrived for us the other day?................. A cheque for £25 from a win on our premium bonds. Yay! £25 can buy me a lot of treats!

Now, much as Ann was a happy owner to receive this cheque....................... going into banks & building societies annoy her because one can never just go in and do what one wants to do. The staff always insist on asking if one wants a review or wants to change to a different account etc, etc, etc. And the staff in the building society that she wanted to pay this cheque into, have only one question apart from trying to make her have a review and that is, 'What are you doing for the rest of the day?' Why do they ask that? Are they trying to be friendly? Are they genuinely interested? Seriously?............... just pay my cheque in and I'll be on my way. Ann would really like to say, 'It's non of your business what I'm doing for the rest of the day'. But obviously she doesn't because '12 year old employee' has probably had to go through a lot of training and assessment to ask that question and giving him an answer like, 'it's none of your business', would probably traumatise him so much he would need to take 3 months off work with stress. #whyistherenopersonalinteractionthesedays

Anyway the Building Society that Ann wanted to go to was in the centre of town so Ann said, 'Molly, we might as well walk into town, go to the building society and then we can go down to the Waters of Leith and walk from Stockbridge to Roseburn. So that is what we did.

We walked for seven and a half miles this afternoon and every time I was let off my lead, I was zooming around like a little puppy. I was so super speedy that no one would ever have thought that I was thirteen years old.

I've had the bestest afternoon ever! I'm a bit tired now though!

PS – 12 year old employee wasn't on duty in the Building Society today – it was two middle aged women who made a huge fuss of me. And they never once asked Ann what she was doing for the rest of the day?! #nicetogetabitofpersonalservice

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