On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

Mud on the Rocks

One very strong cup of coffee
It's necessary sometimes to get the job done
A natural pick me up to help stay merry
In a different time, a secretary got this for his / her boss
This is no ordinary cup of joe
Some might say it's scary how strong it is
I find it extraordinary how good it taste
You shouldn't drink this in the Library 
The pick me up is only temporary 
Some add cherry, sherry, strawberry, raspberry or dairy to it
The primary ingredient is water
I have drank this on a ferry
The dictionary calls this espresso 
I wonder if a missionary drank this out on the prairie
It's customary to offer coffee to those who stop by
This blip has expanded my vocabulary 
I'm glad I'm not a mercenary 
Disciplinary might be required after this blip
I like a blueberry now and then
After reading this some on blip might become an adversary
At least my beneficiary will....
People might become reactionary after this blip
I though I was a visionary
Maybe I should go to the seminary
I wonder what the commentary will be
I hope this isn't hareditary
I guess this was all unnecessary
Maybe it will become revolutionary 

Mono Monday Rhymes with February 
By the way this is 8 shots of espresso over ice...  

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