The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie


Years ago I learned how to make stained glass pieces. We were living in the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York when I first learned. I took classes in a barn in Woodstock. It was the same Woodstock that gave the name to that famous event in the summer of 1969. Funny thing is that the concerts didn't actually happen in Woodstock but the name stayed when them moved to the town of Saugerties. Anyhow, I kept working with glass when we moved to Gilroy, California. There was a great glass shop there and I made quite a few pieces while we lived there. This piece was from a pattern in a book. When it was finished I gave it to my mother. I brought it home when she passed away in 1997. A couple of years ago it came loose and I found it hanging from one of the chains. It was pulled apart but luckily none of the glass was broken. It sat in my garage for several years until I moved to my new house and decided to find somebody to repair it. (By then I had not made any pieces for years and had given away all my equipment.) I did find a gal to fix it and here it is. It makes me think of my mom. And the colors are favorites of mine.

Today I went to my first Silver Sneakers classes. My good buddy Cynthia aka Connections had suggested I go. I am so glad I did. First there was Yoga for 45 minutes to loosen up and stretch. And then a one hour circuit with an amazingly fun teacher, to up the old heart rate and have fun while doing it. I'll be back there again. I plan to go every Monday and any Fridays that are free.

In the afternoon I went to the education committee meeting for Momentia Bellingham. We are in the early planning stages. We got a good start. We are much more clear on what our mission and structure are. I am already glad I am volunteering on this.

I've already had an early dinner and a nice text conversation with my friend Shelly. We are planning a few concerts to go to soon. Nice.

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