By Tryfan46

Regent's Canal

Here’s a shot that torturously rhymes with the Mono Monday challenge. What a contrary challenge for February (a level 2 rhyme according to Google)

Today’s highlight was the annual Transatlantic Sessions concert at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank. This was the 9th annual tour of a band performs a blend of Irish, Scottish and Americana music. They’ve created numerous CDs, DVDs and TV shows. A magnificent evening but poignant as in previous years we’d gone with friends Chris and Wendy and of course, Chris is no longer with us.

We’d travelled up to London earlier to make a day of it, deciding to walk the Regent's Canal. In the end, we walked over 8.5 miles from Limehouse to Regent's Park alongside the canal, what a fascinating walk. Even more to do yet if we’d had the time we could have gone on to Little Venice. So much going on, old and new buildings, new construction, lots of office space, open space and many, many houseboats.

Today’s blip is a mono along the canal with the airy view of old gasometers, in the drab light of February; canal, towpath, barges, new buildings and reflections. Thank you to KangaZu.

We were fortunate to catch an earlier train home from London, arriving at the door at 12.15am rather than half an hour later. A grand day out.

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