A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Having sold a few games that weren't getting played my paypal account was getting clogged up with stuff so I've recycled the money into ... more games.

Barenpark was the main target.  We hadn't got a 'tetris tile' game in the collection and this one is the better of the multi-player ones.

Farlight was (a) space themed and (b) on a substantial offer - a temptation that seemed churlish to ignore.

B&B Consortium committee meeting today.  I'm presenting GDPR* to the group next week.  I feel a small urge to use PowerPoint.  It's taken over 3 years of PowerPoint-withdrawal to get to the stage of thinking it might be useful after all; but I'm not entirely convinced even now. (Never was, really).

* If you don't know what it means, be happy in your ignorance.  If you do know, you are already on the stress pills so I apologise for mentioning it :o)

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