1,500 Blips - not sure how I did this!

But apparently I have done 1,500 Blips!  

When I had the notification 3 days ago and said to Mr T what shall I do he replied why didn't you say sooner?  A bit pot/kettle from Mr last minute!  He came up with the idea of doing something with sweets (so he could eat them afterwards).  We decided on Smarties, as only they have the answer!  I'd have liked to have done something a bit more but that is not possible currently.  Hopefully it won't be too long until I am over my injuries.

I never planned to start Blip.  As I was going to bed on Jan 1st 2014 I saw a tweet from a fellow photographer in the states saying she was starting and who else fancied it.  A very quick look and sign up with an emergency Blip from the bedroom and the journey began.  A bit tentative at first but then as time goes on it becomes more serious!  I don't have time to follow many journals but I really appreciate the daily insights from the ones I do.  Probably the best thing was Mum joining Blip, and having the common pleasure from Blip.

A wonderful community and I was so glad it was "saved".  I wonder where I will be in another 1,500 Blips!

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