Went to work, got plastered!

The first time into the office for 3 weeks.  A view down our long narrow office from my desk (there are more desks around the corner at the bottom), lunchtime reading, the physio's taping!

The shoulder was not happy with the drive and was sore by the time I arrived.  Then by the time I was inside the office it was painful.  The first appointments were double physio - foot first (doing OK, but still to be kept with minimal weight bearing) and then the shoulder, finger, wrist and neck.  The finger is much less painful and poking out slightly less, wrist not too bad, neck still stiff and shoulder has more movement than last week.  So I left with my neck, shoulder and foot all taped up!  Then I had barely got back to my desk before heading back down to see the nurse.  Owing to the aggravation to the shoulder it will just be Thursday in work next week so I can have physio.  I can do a little bit longer days at home now.  And progress to gentle breaststroke and keep going to the pool as it is the best therapy.  I never thought I would be pleased to be told to do gentle breaststroke!  Also to use aqua (foam) dumbbells or armbands and lift my arms up and down in the water.

Then I should have had my 1:1 after lunch by my manager asked if I would like to do it now, so I guessed the right answer was yes!  And then it was lunchtime!

I was glad when 15:00 came as the extra moving around and fire doors had taken their toll.

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