Walking Wombat

By WWombat

Early Morning....

......training session. CRIKEY, Team OZ was out in force this morning. We had more Gang Gangs visit the bird bowls than we have had for ages. If I’d been faster off the mark I could have taken a photo of 8 of them on the bowls at the same time. I think they’re starting to feel the pressure of the Alternative Olympics and realise that they only have three more sleeps before the competition starts in earnest. I have to say if this fly past was any indication we’re going to see some record breaking performances in the free form ice skating/aerial combination.

Armed with a little bit of new found confidence, I’ve been photographing our AOG team over the last couple of days at a much higher shutter speed. 1600 to be precise. I’m actually trying to concentrate on capturing the team members in flight rather than when they’re just wandering around the side of the bird bowls :). Wish me luck!!
Oh and by the way, I’ve added two extras. The second one is a Gang Gang doing an impressive impersonation of Eddie the Eagle :)

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