Long Walk

Full day at the Bexley Wing for Mr P to have his second infusion.
At lunchtime l walked to the shopping mall within the hospital to get us some lunch from M&S, it’s a good ten minute walk each way so it gives you a good idea of how big the site is.
I took my Blip on the way there.

We told the staff we had listened to the programme on Radio 4 yesterday about the clinical trials that are taking place at this hospital for CLL.
We all agreed it was an excellent programme, giving us lots of insight into how fast things are moving for this type of blood cancer.

Since Mr P started his treatment four weeks ago l have taken a photograph of him everyday to monitor any visible changes in his appearance.
The differences are quite drastic.
l showed them to the consultants when we were here a couple of weeks ago and they asked if they could have a set to use in lectures and seminars to show how rapidly the effects of the drug are happening.

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