By GracieG

A Complete Surprise!

A Complete Surprise!
Completely unknown to me, my husband and his friend M have been working in total secret for a year to create a website for my photographs as a surprise present for my 60th birthday.  During that year they collaborated together about the design and friend M (who is a brilliant website developer) created it for me, then my husband was sneakily sharing some of my photos with him to load on.
The first I knew about it was when I was presented with a small box shaped present and my husband told me it was from him and friend M (which had his wife and I rather worried because it looked just the right size and shape to be jewellery and apparently friend M isn’t in the habit of buying his wife jewellery, and I couldn’t image that the two men would have chosen to buy any for me between them!
Anyway, it turned out to be a box of business cards, featuring a number of my photos, along with a website address and contact details…which confused me no end.  So, they took me to the study, switched on the PC and introduced me to my very own photography website!  To say I was surprised was an understatement!  What a brilliant present, and such a thoughtful one too, and a measure of the confidence my husband has in my work (which I often lack).  At the moment I’ll just use it to display some of my better photos, but in the future…who knows, maybe I might become good enough to sell some!  It has already had some traffic, some of which has been from the USA, and I have to say I’m very excited about it and where it might lead.
Thank you, husband M and friend M, for creating this for me, and well done for keeping it secret from everyone, including wives and friends, I suspected nothing.  (Except that I was ever so slightly concerned that whenever I walked into the study my husband kept closing his emails!  Happily, I now know why!)
The website address if you’re interested is:
(Look under ‘Albums’ for a full selection.)

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