Mother Shipton

By MotherShipton


I was up and about early as I could see that it was a beautiful morning, I sneaked down to the front to get a quick photo of the sunrise, I particularly liked the clouds too.
I had no sooner arrived home at 8am when the phone rang to say there was an otter below the house. I sent KK to school and went down for a few photos. It was against the light so difficult but I enjoyed watching it. 

On the school front Teenager is to go back tomorrow to continue her exam exactly where she stopped and with only the remaining time left plus 10 mins for the disruption. I think the room is exactly as they left it. We also managed to pick up all her things from the school this morning, some phones seem to have been misplaced by the school but hopefully they will turn up. Electricity and heating system is badly damaged but class rooms are OK so they have brought in generators for now and the school will reopen tomorrow.

Off out tonight to camera club where it is the results of the Harmony competition.

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