Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Kings of the heap ...

In this case, a heap of silage: its fresh smell (really) had been with us ever since we'd seen the tractor carrying a load hoisted high in front of it along to another field, and these sheep clearly found it utterly attractive. On a dreich day with the sleet falling relentlessly in a temperature of 2ºC, this was absolutely the most entertaining moment. We wondered if the lower sheep resented having their mates on top of the food, or if they were plotting to undermine them ...

In other news, I was pestered by phone calls from America while I was walking, trying to convince me to speak to them (Lulu, the online publishers) on the phone rather than my preference in the first instance which is to communicate by mail. Their refusal to do what I asked means I've ditched that idea and am now back where I started.

Anyone out there do online publishing without hassle?

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