Suffragette Flag

We woke up to snow this morning – the most snow we have had in a very long time – not that we had that much.  I headed out early to catch the bus and had quite a few spectacular slides on my way down the hill to town.  Luckily I managed to stay on my feet.  There wasn’t much snow by the time I got into Edinburgh.

Work was work – it was a long day and I didn’t achieve very much. When I came home I went for a run, which was fine apart from having to avoid all the icy bits on the pavements. At least I feel like I have achieved something today!

The suffragette flag was flying outside St Andrew’s House today.  There wasn’t much wind, and I didn’t think I was going to get a decent blip – then  a gust came along and the flag billowed in the breeze momentarily!

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