Scotland Street

It was frosty this morning, and we were running late.  Thankfully we made it to the train in time, though it was touch and go when we got stuck in traffic.  I spent the day at work trying to work out what it is I am supposed to be doing – hopefully tomorrow will be more productive now that I have had time to think about the task in hand.

I couldn’t believe it when I left he office tonight and it was pouring rain, with enormous puddles everywhere.  I had left my umbrella at home and so got soaked on my way to get my bus.  I almost missed my bus, as I couldn’t get across the road, but fortunately a few people were getting on at my stop, so a sprint through the puddles meant I justmade it.  I then got soaked yet again walking from the bus stop to home.  Poor BB had football training tonight and he too was cold and wet.  They were so cold and wet that the training finished early.  He was thawing out in the shower when I arrived home, while TT made him a hot chocolate.

I brought some work reading home, but I watched the last episode of Apple Tree Yard instead.

In a bid to regain my reading mojo, I have just started reading one of my Christmas booksThe Revolving Door of Life by Alexander McCall Smith, from his Scotland Street series.  At lunchtime I took a walk round by Scotland Street in the new town, especially for teribirch. The extra shows a ghost sign – you can just make out the name of the street (when you know what it says!).


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