By ArcLight


It's hard taking pictures as the snow falls. Splodges end up on your lens, and the camera will detect the flakes of snow as they fall. As a result, you might worry that you've got marks on your sensor when you upload the photographs.

But some of the photographs I took today, as the snow fell steadily once again, were untainted, so I know it's the snow, not the sensor. What I liked about this one were the just discernible animal tracks, in a place which, if there weren't ice and snow, there would be water. No idea what might have made them.

It was lovely soft powdery stuff, and I enjoyed a wander from Pilates to Regatta, where of course I had to take a photo and send it to Mr A. But don't feel too sorry for him as he has much excitement with the laying of new floors, and a close friend staying. But it's good to see that his boat is still there, if looking a little lonely amidst all that white stuff (see extra).

I'm still at my desk at 10.45pm as I have just been finishing the draft of a paper which, for much of the day, felt like a moving target given the news from the Netherlands. Don't take too much notice of that report, as it's a bit vague on the precise legal issues. Once my paper has been finalised, I will post it on my blog and post a link here. But the crucial paragraphs of the judgment, for those who are interested, are here in English.

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