By ArcLight

Bad weather blips

I for one am thoroughly fed up of snow blips. I had planned an internal blip today - a picture of the lift at work. I did get one, but as a subject it can wait for another day, because I cannot resist blipping this quick phone snap of people hurrying to work through the snow storm in the centre of the city.

It was wet and warm snow today, and although it did clear up a bit later on, it continued in pretty much the same vein for of the day.

I've had a physically lazy day. I woke up feeling pretty rubbish, so this is the first day since returning from Edinburgh when I haven't taken either quite a long walk or a trip to the gym (or both). I haven't been sleeping that well again, so I decided to treat myself to a tram trip in directions. I thought it was important to get out of the flat though, so I was glad of the impetus of a breakfast meeting with PM to catch up for the first time since before Christmas.

Intellectually, I've not been lazy though. I've spent most of the day reading.

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