It's easy to create a do-it-yourself ice rink on a car park. With the right weather conditions. Every time there is a major snowfall, send someone out to bulldoze the snow into a makeshift retaining wall, and then occasionally spray the space in the middle with a bit of water. It quickly freezes. Hey presto. You also have to send someone out from time to time when there's a minor snowfall with a brush to clear off the ice. I have no idea who provides these services. The local authority? There's probably a bit of a slope on this DIY ice rink from left to right, and it is slightly hard to work out why all the water doesn't just run to one side even before it freezes, but I guess that the slope is sufficiently slight that there's just a thicker covering on one side rather than the other.

As you can see, it was getting dark, but this doesn't put the kids off. The other night when I came back about 6pm, a father and two kids were messing around on there with ice hockey sticks and pucks. There really is a good sports and outdoor culture in this country.

Lots of writing, then a visit to the gym, and finally treated myself to a meal in a local Japanese, as I would never get Mr A through its door, so thought I would try it on my own. A video call just before Mr A and H went out to confirm what I had previously seen in photographs. The flat is now really full of stuff waiting to be installed.

Off to read in bed.

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