Red fence

Nothing unusual, of course, if you've been brought up to expect it, in cutting off a big corner by walking across the sea. When it's covered in ice, that is. It was, however, a novelty for me to approach Regatta from the sea-side this lunchtime, after walking across from Hietaniemi Beach. I explained to Mr A later on what fun this had been, and he seemed unconvinced. In and amongst, it saved a lot of walking, because going round on the coastline is much further than cutting across the sea.

What I find interesting is this. The addition of all that frozen sea to the available space for wandering means that although it hasn't snowed for several days, it stills seems mostly fresh out there. There are large areas where no one has trodden before.

But at the same time, it was another grey and slightly "shitty" day. I'm craving sunshine and colour. I have to admit it. So happy to see it on blip.

Update: added here a link to an article about Finns walking on water.

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