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By kendallishere

In the glow of the screen...

Their mom went to a fashion show this evening. First Bella demonstrated hip-hop dancing to lyrics that would have horrified my grandmother. Then she proudly showed me four loose teeth. "Can you believe it! I'm so excited. And look--the big teeth are coming in under them. You can see them. Look, look!" We played with three new fairy figures. We ate dinner. We iced heart-shaped cookies. We made Valentine's cards. Evan created a cardboard "robot suit" and stomped around being an adorable robot. By 9 p.m. I was too tired to think of anything else, and I caved. "OK, you can watch PBS Kids on the iPad." Bella had been asking for iPad time since the moment they arrived. The lure of it puzzles me, but I see these children find it riveting. 

Update: spotted on Facebook this article about a way some schools and entertainment venues are coping with screen addiction. However nowhere can I find out what Yondr costs. So there's that to think about.

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