I showing them....

He's not yet old enough for pre-school, so he has never been in a classroom, but very often he sets up a learning circle of imaginary students and teaches them with skill and infectious enthusiasm. It seems to be his favorite form of play. 

First he read his favorite books to the audience of animal-ish friends. Then he re-purposed Bella's old Play-doh stove. "It not a stove now. It for making rainbows and fog," he explained to his attentive (and very quiet) learners. "You press button here, it say ding, and then you pop open. See rainbows and fog everywhere! So magic."

He didn't once ask for anything involving gadgets or screen time. 

Thanks for your thoughtful responses to yesterday's concerns. If you have a continuing interest in child-or-grandchild-rearing, I recommend going back to yesterday's post and scrolling through the comments. That's what makes Blip the unique community it is, and I am grateful for the conversation, the shared concerns, and the wisdom.

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