After an early start and a bicycle rickshaw ride from the hotel to the ferry port, we were able to enjoy the sunrise over the Mekong river before our boat trip up river to Phnom Penh.  It was a smooth and pleasant journey, taking around 6 hours in total;  that included a stop at the Vietnam border for half an hour while various official paperwork was completed, and then (after reboarding the boat) another stop a couple of hundred yards further on at the Cambodian customs point, where our visas were issued and passports checked.  That was another hour.
The mini bus then took us to our hotel, meeting up with 4 new members joining our little group.
By this stage we still hadn't had lunch, so we stopped at a fresh noodle bar for an excellent, late lunch (around 4pm) before heading off to the market for some street photography.  It was there that I spotted this little girl who appeared to be doing her homework at one of the stalls.
Later a couple of beers at a balcony bar overlooking the river at sunset, and finally back to the hotel for a light supper and bed.
My initial impressions of this city are that it is more modern and more orderly than Saigon, Our photographic guide (who lives in the city) told us that 10 years ago the tallest building was a 5 storey hotel;  now there are tower blocks everywhere and a lot of building in process.  There are motorbikes as in Saigon, but nowhere near the same number.  Instead there are lots of cars, which I gather are something of a status symbol.
I wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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