Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

What a Difference a Day Makes

Well it was one of those days in The Lakes that makes sure the area lives up to its name!  For those of you that are LPHers it was a Threlkeld day.  Even then it did clear up in the Northern Lakes by mid afternoon and I even saw a bit of sunshine, but amazingly as I drove back to the hotel and passed Dunmail Raise I came into a bank of fog and low cloud and it started to rain again!

I spent some time around Buttermere and this image acknowledges that there were many hardy souls walking the loop around the water despite the weather.  I was resigned to wiping the front element of the lens after nearly every shot was taken, to make sure the images weren't affected by water spots.  I had lunch (and dried out) in the Croft House Farm Cafe in Buttermere.  A quiet relaxing time, reading the papers and finding an image of Buttermere in the Times from the day before, resplendent with snow, blue sky and perfect reflections.  I can attest to the conditions being completely different today!

Out for an impromptu Blipmeet in Keswick tonight.  Good fun.

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