Life After MollyCollie

By LadyA

Loving the lighter nights

Only a few weeks ago it was dark when Ann came home from work so I had to have my morning and afternoon walks on my lead, trekking about the streets. Now that the nights are getting lighter, I get to go to exciting places when she comes home. Yay!

This afternoon we went up Blackford Hill. Blackford Hill is one of my favourite places. I get to zoom around all over the place and there's normally lots of other friendly little doggies for me to play with. Sometimes I even see squirrels that need chasing, but I didn't see any today. In the afternoons I am a 'super speedy' collie.

…..........................I am NOT a 'super speedy' collie on my morning walk. On my morning walk I'm slower than a snail. Ann's words not mine! …............But, I'm 94 years old in human years (about 13 and a half in dog years) and how many 94 year olds do you know that get made to go for a walk first thing in the morning??!!

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