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By Snowcycle

Rain Moving In

A very different day. I felt a bit warm being a tad overdressed for the warm (ish) weather this morning. The new route I am taking has more cyclists, and today it felt a little Wacky Races. :-)

Another bit of a quiet day. I will have to find different places to walk, so it was just around the local park, then on to the path I cycle along. At the point where the path crosses the railway, you could clearly see the rain clouds moving in. Sure enough, as I get back to the office, there was a little light rain.

Very warm on the ride home. The afternoons are getting lighter as well, but the weather was dull, so lights still needed. A bit breezy as well.

Cooler tomorrow, a chance of ice overnight, then nudging toward 5degC. I prefer the snow. Saturday looks promising.

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