Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Forget-me-not - perennial

Anchusa azurea the perennial form of this well known and not easily forgotten flower. It is a deep blue in shade, lighter in the early sun and quite pale in the full midday sun. Taken with the macro lens I preferred the one showing more flowers and there is a bee although not one I am familiar with, on the second extra

I always think a good day is where things go wrong or break down and you manage to fix them yourself. For starters, last night the heat pump/air conditioner remote wouldn’t work because the batteries were flat. We couldn’t switch it off and it had got onto heat, so I defused it at the fuse box. This morning batteries in and fuse on, and away we go.

Then the garage door wouldn’t go up when Trev wanted the car out. I wondered if was the fuse box but they seemed ok. We opened and closed the door manually and when we both returned home we fiddled and tried things. Rang the supplier in Nelson and he said plug a lamp in to test if electrical. Lamp didn’t go. Tried a lead, nothing. I went back to the fuse box and it had fused, goodness knows when or why. So we had power but still no action. Maybe we should find the book and although we didn’t quite understand we followed some things and hey presto, away it went. It has to do a certain sequence to get back in to gear and we must have hit that sequence.

I ran my upgraded genealogy programme to get rid of duplicate names after wrongly importing someone else’s tree instead of looking at it separately. I needed to change resolution of laptop screen and reduce percentage of ?? something and then I could see the two names and information side by side. I zipped through pretty smartly and also did a quality check (all good) and feel like my brain has been tested enough for today.

I have just caught up with the fact that my shag from yesterday has hit the top of Popular page 2. I haven't had time to look at Blip today. So thanks to you all for comments, stars and hearts.

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