Falcon Ridge vineyard

There were 62 in the walking group trip today. Was it because we were walking to a vineyard for a wine tasting? I wouldn't be surprised.

It was a new walk on the tracks around a new winery at Spring Grove north of Richmond.It has only had two seasons and already in the prize lists.

Formerly a dairy and cattle farm the rolling hills of Moutere gravel have been reshaped to give a "parabola" shape so that air moves across and limits the danger of frost in spring and mildew in autumn.

A big dam was dug and plantings of many native shrubs and tussock undertaken. On the flats underneath the native bush which we walked up through they have grown sauvignon blanc grapes and on the hills the grapes for two pinot noir and syrah.
For $2 we could taste 4 wines. None to my particular taste all being quite tart and bitter.
A lovely day= not too hot and the walk about 2 hours long in total on rolling hills.
Where we are standing in the original photo they are going to build a big lodge for accomodation. Some extras looking towards Richmond, and west towards Mt Heslington.

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